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‘Can I’- Drake & Beyonce are back!

Drake and Beyonce have done it once again! Two years since they produced and published ‘Mine’, they’re back with an amazing new song. Their newly released or “leaked” song – ‘Can I’, has everybody talking about it. Beyonce’s sweet melodic singing voice compliments Drake’s husky voice. The leaking business ruins it but it is so worth the surprise. By joining forces and producing a song shows how good their music turns out, making fans want even more. I always get excited whenever a new Drake song is released without us even knowing, but even more super excited if it is with somebody as major as Queen Bey! If you haven’t heard it yet, get Youtubing now, it will be worth it I promise. Let us all keep our fingers crossed that we will hear more from these two in the future and see the magic unfold.

Article by Priya Kaur

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