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Launch Party: Slaves // Are you satisfied?

So I’m out, it’s a Tuesday and I’m at a gallery. Not to look at any art either. Just totally for the music. It’s my hobby. I don’t like watching TV. I’m not into box sets. And I can’t knit. Yet. So for now I’m out and about and I’ve won free tickets to see Slaves launching right into their debut album.

Mixed clientele for this one, we’re in a ‘gallery’ in Shoreditch remember. A few are here undoubtedly because of the amount of exposure this band have had lately. A lot are the friends and family members of Isaac and Laurie. A number of industry people. And me. I’ve been noticing loads of buzz about this band since hearing them on 6 music with The Hunter a while back (thanks Maryanne Hobbs). That song certainly hunted me down and caught me like a rabbit in the headlights. And my subsequent sound clouding of Slaves led to me falling a little bit in love with the one about Debbie and her missing car. So very VERY excited to have the chance to see them live.

Just one peroni on the bus, as it’s a Tuesday after all, and then a couple of Red Stripe. Very nice little pop up shop with CDs, tshirts, and a civilised little chat around what seemed to be a kitchen table with four eager twenty somethings and Isaac and Laurie signing purchases. Accidentally head butted Isaac a couple of times when we were having the obligatory band and me photographs but it’s ok I don’t think he was seriously concussed.

Officially according to Laurie tonight is ‘more of a party than a launch’ sandwiched between two Rough Trade instores the day before and the day after. Which suits me. And then it’s downstairs to a huge industrial kind of basement and for once it’s not me who falls top to bottom down the steep stone steps.

Slaves give it absolutely everything they’ve got, I mean I’ve seen a lot of drummers in a lot of bands, but never one who stands up, dancing, singing, and drumming simultaneously. Amazing stuff. And even finds time to offer his banana to the crowd (yeah I know that sounds wrong but it’s what happened, just telling the truth!). The songs all sound just as I’d hoped and the audience at the front go a bit wild. Lots of talk about biscuits and a participatory voting kind of thing for bourbons, custard creams or pink wafers, I think bourbons were the winners.

New songs from the album are interspersed with a few older ones, delighted to hear ‘Where’s your car?’ . Everything gets very crazy towards the end, a stage diving manta ray really works the crowd to a frenzy before the final song when the now-shirtless Slaves both do a lot of crowd surfing with varying levels of success.

Finally back to the bar, few more photo opps and I’d say that yes I am actually totally satisfied with that night!

❤️ SLAVES ❤️

Article by Mary Long

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