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EP Review: Josh Newell-Brown // Inner Treasures

Folk-pop singer-songwriter Josh Newell-Brown originates from the coastal town of Saltburn-by-the-sea. It is hard not to taste the saltiness on his debut EP Inner Treasures, which he has written and recorded himself. He is described as the Chuck Norris of vocals which is not at all wrong. Josh has a powerful voice that with no trouble at all could uphold an acoustic performance with no mike.

‘Shine’ is a folky energetic song with a great big chorus that easily makes you want to sing along. These days it seems as if Ben Howard is the go-to artist to mention, if you want to describe anything radio minded folk-pop, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, since Josh definitely falls under that category. ‘Move Your Body’ has a soulful touch while the choirs on the title track ‘Inner Treasures’ gives me an instant flashback to careless, mild summer nights with bonfires and nature. The beautiful ‘The New Zealand One’ makes me want to get into a car and drive towards the sunset and ‘Doesn’t Matter Who You are’ is for when the stars come out to dance and the bonfire has long since burned out.

‘Inner Treasures’ is a solid debut, and with just the five songs you can already tell Josh has a big heart and a lot to say, he’s capable of engaging the listener with ease, and it doesn’t hurt that all the proceeds of the EP go to the Dreams Come True charity.

Article by Flipse Flebo

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