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EP Review: Fickle Friends // Velvet

Fickle Friends are a new – wave pop band consisting of 5 members from Brighton. Three of their previous songs: ‘Swim‘, ‘For You‘ and ‘Play‘ were released as singles during 2014. Fickle Friends released the Velvet EP last month which is made up of 4 songs.

The song ‘Could Be Wrong’ is one of my favourite from the collection because it has a groovier feel compared to the rest. As this song is the first track of the EP, it showcases the style of the band and how they want to be portrayed as artists.

‘Velvet’, which is also the name of the EP, has an 80s vibe to it and so does ‘Paris’ which is slower compared to the rest of the tracks. The EP ends off with ‘Shake Her’ which is as upbeat as ‘Could Be Wrong’ – this is great because the EP starts off strong and ends just as strong.

This is an EP you have to listen to. You can find them on Soundcloud  and also, make sure you purchase Velvet on iTunes.

They are currently on tour in Europe and the UK, so do check out the dates here: Fickle Friends Tour 

Article by Cristal Faith Lim

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