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Hunter Hayes releases ’21’ Music Video

’21’ was released as a single in May this year and has already reached close to 9 million hits on Spotify.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.51.58 PMThe video, which was published a few days ago, features Hunter rocking out on his guitar as well as dancers moving to his beat. Instead of showing their faces we only see their figures dancing, but one could easily tell they are having fun whether they are dancing on their own or with someone else. “Remember what it’s like to just dance all night / We’ll dance all night ” .


The song is one of Hunter’s latest singles, alongside ‘Where is all Begins feat.Lady Antebellum‘ which was released earlier this month, and ‘Young and In Love‘ which was released recently.

’21’ is definitely one of the few songs that I would have on repeat for hours.

’21’ is also available on iTunes. Check out the video here!

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