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From Indian Lakes to Across the Atlantic Ocean

From Indian Lakes is a five man band from a little town called Indian Lakes just outside Yosemite National Park in Northern California lead by front man Joey Vannucchi. The band first came together in 2009 and have released three studio albums, the newest of which “Absent Sounds” released by Triple Crown Records in October of 2014, reached the Billboard top 200 albums list only three weeks after coming out landing number 200.

When I first heard about From Indian Lakes, it was by complete coincidence. I was preparing to attend a concert for which my favorite band Lydia was headlining and as I always do, I educated myself on the opening bands. I listened to a few songs the day before the show, but it wasn’t until I was at the show that I really fell in love with the music. I saw how they interacted with the crowd and how into the music they got. I realized how they simply lived to play their music. So, naturally, From Indian Lakes became my favorite band. I made a point to listen to every song, buy every album and go to every concert I was able to go to.

Since that first time, I have seen them five times. Four in Portland, Oregon, and Once in Brooklyn, New York at the Knitting Factory for their Absent Sounds release headlining tour. At each of their shows, I have noticed something huge about them: no matter how long their set was, no matter how tired the guys are, they always have time at the end of their show to hang out by the merch stand and talk to the fans and sign posters and take pictures. They are all so very down to earth humans, and they are purely playing music for the art. They aren’t doing it to get their name out – although I’m sure the bit of fame they do have doesn’t hurt their egos – and that is something I will always love about them. At one of their shows, I was speaking with drummer Tohm Ifergan and he said, “I don’t think we’ve quite gotten to the fame level yet. People still don’t see me on the street and know who I am. I usually have to tell them I’m in band. I don’t really consider us to be famous.”

On the road, Keyboardist Enrique Gutierrez spends his spare time drawing sketches in either a sketchbook or the occasional used drum head. He signs them and sometimes has the whole band sign them as well and then sells it during the show. I currently am in possession of 3 pieces of his original art and the money I spent on them I will never regret because it went directly into the pockets of a band who means the world to me.

This past May, the band was fortunate enough to finally get their very first tour in the UK after six years of playing local shows and touring only the United States.  They accompanied Circa Survive and RX Bandits – their second tour with RX Bandits in the past year.

Article By Taylee Gittins


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