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Opinion: Loan Le // IsaiahG

I rarely listen to Indie Rap anymore. I’ve become bored with the generic trap beats, unimaginative rhyme structures & catchy pop hooks in the blatantly desperate attempts at a radio hit that seems to be the general sound of Indie Rap today.

That being said, I was on RapGenius the other day referencing lyrics from Jay Z’s American Gangster album during a heated debate with a friend over the top Jay Z albums of all time (I’ve got American Gangster sitting at #2 right after Reasonable doubt, if you disagree I bet my next MusicDash paycheck I’ll prove you wrong).

I digress, while on RapGenius I somehow stumbled upon the lyrics for an Indie Rap artist by the name of IsaiahG. Just based upon the lyrics alone I found myself wandering over to his Soundcloud to hear what the actual song sounded like and to my surprise I found myself even more amazed.

Needless to say I became an immediate fan. The sound, the imagery of the lyrics, the delivery of his flows. The last time I heard an Indie Rap Artist with a sound this unique and raw talent such as this, they went on to become one of the highest selling rap artists of my generation shortly after crossing over into mainstream.

IsaiahG hails from Chicago and you can hear that in his music. He embodies the socially conscious lyricism that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco and many other of the great Rap artists who all got their start in Chicago.

IsaiahG’s latest single, ‘Loan Le’ is a great example of what makes his sound so different.  You hear his unique flows and unorthodox deliveries over chill disco-future instrumentals and he raps lines like:

‘Even though my actions are affirmative/It seem like my name never matched with a superlative’

‘Then we get in the both, while we spitting the truth about all the bull I’m alliterate to/I’m admitting it boo, dope is hidden in you, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t have synonyms to’

the combination of this creates a sound that make’s IsaiahG refreshingly different from other Indie Rap artists in his class.

IsaiahG clearly has a long way to go before he’s mentioned in conversation with the Drake’s the Kendrick Lamar’s, and the J.Cole’s in Rap, but with a little luck and a lot of grind I sense big things in this young artists future.

Check out IsaiahG’s latest single ‘Loan Le’ here.

Article by Jeff Moore 

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