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Interview: Taylor Edwards

I could fill a couple of pages with everything that’s cool about Taylor Edwards. Her Sugarland cover of “Little Miss” was in an episode of the hit show “Hart of Dixie.” She covered T. Swift’s “Shake It Off” the day after it was released (complete with a string player). And, most recently, she’s shared the stage with both Meghan Trainor and Hunter Hayes. From the sound of things, this is only the beginning.

Personally I have such an admiration for T since I aspire to work in the music business. Every video that she puts out, every show that she self-promotes, everything that Taylor does is well thought out and executed in a way that ensures the best results. I know that this kind of talent and understanding will take her far.

MusicDash: What drew you to Nashville?

Taylor Edwards: I absolutely LOVE country music… so I think that was the initial draw. As I made more trips before actually moving to attend Belmont University, I started to see how the town nurtured its songwriters and that became a huge LOVE factor to me. Songwriting is my foundation, so when I realized that aspect of the city… I knew I had found a new home.

MusicDash: What is your favorite or most memorable performance in Nashville?

Taylor Edwards: My favorite performance in Nashville actually happened recently. This past May I won the Grammy U Songwriter’s Showdown and one of the prizes was to perform at the Nashville Grammy Block Party. I opened for LeAnn Womack, Hunter Hayes, and Meghan Trainor. It’s definitely the most star studded bill I’ve been a part of and it was such an amazing opportunity for an up and coming artist like myself.

MusicDash: What is your favorite song that you’ve ever written?

Taylor Edwards: HARDEST QUESTION OF ALL TIME. Seriously though. This honestly changes on a daily basis because I feel like my “new favorite song” is always the last on I wrote. I do have a song that I wrote about my 4 year old sister that can get me pretty choked up when I perform it. The song is called “Young at Heart” and it’s about having to be so far apart… both in age and in distance. Even if that song never sees the light of day (release wise), it will always be a special one.

MusicDash: Tell us a little about your musical background. When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer and songwriter?

Taylor Edwards: Growing up, I think I was involved in almost every elementary and middle school play or musical. I loved Britney Spears when I was little and was always caught singing along with Shania Twain when my Dad would play her CD for me in the car. Music is something I’ve always innately had in me, but it wasn’t until the summer before my freshmen year of high school that I picked up a guitar and taught myself chords from YouTube tutorials. When I learned my way around the guitar, songwriting just kind of came naturally. It wasn’t anything I had to force myself to do or learn. I’m lucky that I figured out that creative outlet when I was 15 because it sure helped make high school and the drama that comes along with being a teenager (who’d rather play shows and make YouTube videos in her bedroom and NOT go to parties) a little bit easier.

MusicDash: I’ve known you from your YouTube days when it used to be just you in your room with a guitar. Do you think that your path would be different had you not joined YouTube?

Taylor Edwards: I owe a lot to YouTube and the people who have become a fan of my music through YouTube. Social media is such a game changer for artists these days and I feel really lucky that I’m in a generation of artists that can use it as a tool. It’s allowed me to create a solid fan base and reach people I wouldn’t have been able to reach outside the walls of my bedroom. I absolutely love live shows, but it’s such a cool thing that you can spend 3 minutes recording a video and instantly share it with millions of people.

MusicDash: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten by somebody in the industry?

Taylor Edwards: I had dinner with a really good friend of mine who works in the industry a few weeks ago and she said something that really stuck with me. We were talking about how it can be so easy to start comparing yourself and your career to other people. You worry about what “this person” is doing, or “that person” and before you know it, you’ve completely lost sight of your own aspirations. She said “Y, you’ve got to put your blinders on and do what you do best.” I think that’s been my favorite advice since moving to town. It’s something everyone struggles with — human nature — and I think it’s important to realize that not everyone’s plot line is supposed to be played out the same.

MusicDash: What are your ultimate goals?

Taylor Edwards: Right now, my biggest goal would be to put out a really solid first record — hopefully within the next couple of years. I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to hone in on that sound and vibe I want to portray as an artist and I think within the last 10 or so months, I’m finally onto something. I’m also soooo antsy to tour. My dream tour would be with Sugarland… (I keep crossing my fingers that they’ll make another record. HA!) I’m ready to make music my big girl, real deal, do-it-everyday job. That is the biggest goal right now. Maybe win a CMA or a Grammy or something too. That would be cool. 😉

MusicDash: What’s next for you?

Taylor Edwards: WELL… I’ll be a senior this year at Belmont and I’m actually doing my fall semester in Los Angeles so I’m excited to see what’s musically in store for me out there. I’ll continue to write, write, write  and play, play, play. I’ve been in the studio working on some demos of some songs I’m really excited about right now and those will pop up on my Soundcloud within the next few months for fans to get a taste of. I’ve got some fun YouTube videos that I’m excited to see come to life too! I might be leaving my Nashville home for a little bit, but there will be no shortage or music or cool content.

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Article by Kaitlyn Midgett


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