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Interview: The Vespers

The first time that I heard The Vespers was at my very first Noah Gundersen concert. I went to this concert not only to hear my favorite album of all time, Ledges, performed live, but also to write about it for an online blog. Naturally I had my phone out for taking notes and admittedly texting. But when The Vespers came on stage, I stopped what I was doing and was completely enamored by their performance. After the first song I slipped my phone back into my purse and didn’t touch it for the rest of the evening. I remembered everything without even having to take notes.

This is what’s so special to me about The Vespers — They’re refreshing and captivating in every single way. Lyrically, vocally, performance-wise: you name it, The Vespers have it. There truly isn’t a band quite like The Vespers.

I had the opportunity to talk to the band’s percussionist Taylor Jones and I am honored that the band took the time to be a part of this project.

MusicDash: What captivated you about Nashville?

Taylor Jones: The fact that there is so much world class talent here. It’s hard to believe it sometimes, but we live in a town where a great deal of the most heard music in the world gets recorded. That motivates us to work harder to keep up with our friends around us.

MusicDash: What is your favorite or most memorable performance in Nashville?

Taylor Jones: The first time we played Belcourt Theatre as a young band. We had just released our 1st album that day & sold the theatre out that night. It was quite surreal for us.

MusicDash: How did you all meet and start making music?

Taylor Jones: We met through a mutual friend then started playing together about a year later. The pairing was originally just gonna be for one show, but then it evolved from there.

MusicDash: What was the inspiration behind your song “Sisters and Brothers?”

Taylor Jones: Its inspired by what we’ve learned from traveling together over the last 5 years. That we need to take care of each other while we’re all still alive & working together because all that can change in an instant.

MusicDash: How has your sound changed throughout your years as a band?

Taylor Jones: It’s changed as we’ve changed. We’re constantly getting into different artists & sounds & that leads us to write differently. We’re getting older too which changes the subject matter as well.

MusicDash: What was it like working with Grammy nominated producer Paul Moak? How did that connection come about?

Taylor Jones: Paul is great. He is all about collaboration and authenticity in recording and we loved that about him. He made that record exceed all of our expectations in the band. We met him through another mutual friend that thought it would be a good pairing.

MusicDash: You’ve just been added to the lineup for Nashville’s own Live on the Green with some big names like Passion Pit and Ben Folds. What are your expectations?

Taylor Jones: Our expectations of ourselves are to go out there and deliver the best on stage product that we can. We expect there to be a lot of people in attendance because of the great lineup, so we’re gonna try to be that extra surprise that no one saw coming.

MusicDash: What’s next for you?

Taylor Jones: We’re going to write another full length album and continue to tour as much as we can. We’d love to open for some other artists too if the right situation came up.

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Interview by Kaitlyn Midgett

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