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Track of the Week: Rubicon // Brockley Forest

The last year or two has seen a resurgence of rock and roll; most people have credited this to artists such as Royal Blood, who have proved that there’s still plenty to be said –  or rather, plenty to get angry and shout about. Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned Brighton band, Brockley Forest are another duo, this time from Bristol, who combine Royal Blood’s fervour, Muse’s penchant for dramatics with QOTSA’s sinister sounding melodies, in the truly epic ‘Rubicon’.

With simple lyrics “too late to save me / I’m not crazy / I’m just hungry for more” spat out over snarling riffs before a chance in pace and Matt Bellamy-esque section, it’s hard to believe this is Brockley Forest’s first single. Who needs that morning espresso when you can instead turn your iPod up full blast and rock out to this great track?

The band will be touring the UK in late September/early October, so if you like what you hear be sure to catch one of their shows.

Article by Beth Kirkbride


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