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Album Review: Borns // Dopamine

Borns has rocked everyone – literally – with the release of his quirky electro-pop debut album, ‘Dopamine’. He takes each listener on a smooth sailing electric odyssey with songs like ‘Holy Ghost’ and upbeat tracks like ‘American Money’. There are tinges of funk sprinkled throughout, evident in ‘Dopamine’ and ‘Fool’. This compliments the balance between a few slow songs where he croons soulfully, like on the standout track ‘Clouds’. It slows everything down, transcending time and space as it whisks us away to a higher place.

‘Dopamine’ is a fresh take on psychedelic pop. With the sounds of Tame Impala and MGMT, Borns makes the electronica genre all his own.

Infectious melodies and soft synths make for a pleasant listen, for songs that tackle every topic.

Electrifying and shiny, Borns’ ethereal falsetto brings a new layer of buoyancy making each track flow into the next. A sense of clarity washes over with each lyric, accompanied by a quaint feeling of distance.

Far away enough to be harmless, but one still ponders the emotions given off by the standout track ‘American Money’.

“So take me to the paradise in your eyes/
Green like American money/
You taste just right/
Sweet like Tennessee Honey”

It has a wistful and dreamy Lana Del Rey-esque vibe.

Track 5, ‘The Emotion’ is another slower song, pretty but powerful.

Overall the album is an eccentric taste of bubblegum induced psychedelia.

“Wanna feel that stream of dopamine,” he sings.

We’re ready.

Hit play and prepare to be mesmerized, because as the 10th track states, Borns is about to be an ‘Overnight Sensation’.



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