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Interview: The Pressure Kids

The Pressure Kids might come from all different corners of the US, but they certainly came together in a big way when they arrived in Nashville. As prolific musicians, The Pressure Kids had 30+ indie rock songs in their back pockets only months after their formation. The band has been playing around Tennessee for a while now, their songs known for getting you up on your feet and making feelings permeate from your heart to deep in your bones. Their music is nothing short of melodic and I know that you’ll love what you hear.

MusicDash: What initially drew you to Nashville?

The Pressure Kids: We were all students at Belmont University.

MusicDash: How did you all connect and start making music together?

The Pressure Kids: We lived across the hall from each other in our freshman dorm. There were a lot of sounds going on those first couple weeks, everyone kept their doors open.

MusicDash: What has been your favorite or most memorable performance in Nashville?

The Pressure Kids: There have been some really stage special memories for us, but I think our EP release party at Exit/In earlier this month takes the cake. Killer energy in that room, tons of our all time heroes have at one time or another like plugged their amps into that stage before. Very humbling stuff. We also got to share that bill with some of our darling friends that are big starry eyed visionaries doing stellar things to redesign the musical landscape of this city. Big night for us.

MusicDash: In September you played at Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN. The Festival had a lot of big artists on it like Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow. How was that experience for all of you?

The Pressure Kids: Wild. It was our first experience playing at a festival before, and to have it be this big beautiful first annual thing in our own backyard, alongside some serious luminaries, it was just big time wow for us. We like got to ride around in one of those golf cart things at one point. Wild day.

MusicDash: Your newest release “Tiger” came out earlier this month. I heard that you recorded it in Brooklyn! Tell us a little bit about the process.

The Pressure Kids: Every step of making “Tiger” was kind of like accidentally walking into someone else’s surprise party, very coincidental and supremely fun. When we left for our trip all we knew was that we were going somewhere in Brooklyn to maybe hopefully record some songs that weren’t even really written yet. I smashed this poor woman’s car the morning we left. We went up with a dude named Tiger we met a week earlier in Memphis. We made the record on the top floor of this big storage unit in Brooklyn with this mega metal dude who has made records with some bands we really adore. It all just sort of unfolded in this thrillingly unexpected sweet strangeness.

MusicDash: You guys have been making music together for about a year or so. How did you go about choosing what songs you were going to record and release on “Tiger?”

The Pressure Kids: We actually ended up writing, arranging, and recording all of “Tiger” on site, As a band we’ve always liked to keep things little risky. There’s a terrifying freedom when music teeters on the edge of existing. We wanted to give all these new colors and characters a chance to seep into the tunes, instead of just taking up some Nashville jams we already had hammered out and recording them in NY. We had a few licks in our pockets, but most all of “Tiger” came to be up in Brooklyn.

MusicDash: Do you have any venues or festivals that you’re dying to play?

The Pressure Kids: Oh man, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Ryman would be a dream.

MusicDash: What’s up next for you guys?

The Pressure Kids: We’re taking “Tiger” out of town, getting to some new towns close by, making some new friends. Things are going to get really cold soon too, lots of tunes to write.

You can find the Pressure Kids at:

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