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Show Review: RJ Bracchitta @ The Basement // Nashville, TN

Last weekend, I went to RJ Bracchitta’s album release show at The Basement in Nashville, TN. I arrived just in time for RJ to take the stage. I stood towards the back was in the perfect position to see how the audience interacted with RJ. From what I saw, the audience was pretty content with RJ’s performance and stage presence. I overheard a young woman say “he has a great personality.” Heck, I’m pretty sure that I even saw a couple slow dancing at one point.

The musicians on stage were assisting RJ in making music that stood out. RJ said to the crowd between songs “These guys are some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever met.” RJ is a pretty talented guy himself, playing the piano, the acoustic, and the electric guitar.

The last song of RJ’s set was the title track of his album “Free.” He introduced the song with a little speech in which he said “every single person in this room is completely different and that’s incredible. We should embrace that.” The band then broke into this “super cool synchronized clap thing” (I’m copying directly from my notes here). The clapping was a great complement to RJ’s guitar playing. Musically, this song was definitely my favorite. Crowd participation is a very big deal to me, and RJ nailed it with having us all sing “I wanna be free.” We even had some drunken harmonies from the audience, which actually made a nice addition to the performance. As a Nashville newcomer would say, “only in Nashville.”

In closing, RJ’s songs may only live on our Snapchat stories just for the night, but they’ll live in our minds for much longer.

You can check out RJ’s album “Free” on his website here.

Article By Kaitlyn Midgett

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