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While new to the music scene, Music Dash is rapidly expanding. With both a growing audience and increasing list of industry partnerships, the MusicDash brand is quickly securing it’s place on the web as the dashboard for all things music.


As part of our advertising programme we offer two different advertising solutions: Conversational Advertising and Display Advertising. For all advertising enquiries and more information, please contact:


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MusicDash Instagram


MusicDash launches its Second Social Presence: Instagram

Business, Press

26th June 2015

MusicDash has launched it’s second social experience: now publishing the latest music industry news across both Instagram and Twitter! Please visit and follow our new

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Music Dash


MusicDash: We’re Live!

Business, Editors Choice, News, Press

21st April 2015

Hello! We’re Music Dash; your dashboard for all things music. We’re a Music News Publishing Platform that work with journalists and our partners to deliver the latest

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Our latest content | Editors Choice

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV


MTV may change VMA broadcast after further ratings drop

Breaking, Business, Editors Choice, Videos

2nd September 2016

(Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV) The MTV Video Music Awards have been around since 1984 – originally created as an alternative to The Grammy Awards, the show has

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Black Eyed Peas


Black Eyed Peas reunite to spread important message about gun violence [video]

Breaking, Dance/Electronic, Editors Choice, Pop

1st September 2016

American music legends the Black Eyed Peas have reunited to spread an important message about gun violence during the US Presidential Election. After five years apart the

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A band you need to know about: Sjowgren


14th October 2015

I was convinced this band was from somewhere in Scandinavia, possibly Norway. It exudes a northern production. Alongside the band name and the atmosphere of ‘Seventeen’,

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Throwback: Why Aly and AJ Need To Make a Comeback

Pop, Uncategorised, Videos

21st August 2015

If, like me, you grew up watching Disney Channel, it was pretty much guaranteed that you were a fan of Aly & AJ. The pop-rock sister duo dominated movies like Cow

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