Track of the Week: Not Enough // Spares

Track of the Week

19th October 2015

Heavy footed guitar stomps onto the scene, announcing Spares’ presence with an unapologetic level of confidence. This brazen Liverpool based band sure knows how to make an impact, with Adam Boyd’s drumming lending ‘Not Enough’ it’s purposeful stride from start to finish. Vocally, the drawling tone is reminiscent of Miles Kane – which probably has something to do with the latter’s Wirral upbringing. From a lyrical and indeed melodic perspective, it’s quite an angry construction – epitomised by the “you know we’re not enough, you know we’re not enough” cries which bring the song to a close.

The track was first premiered on BBC Introducing last week and has since then been reviewed on a number of blogs. A word that is bandied about all too often in the music industry is “talent”, but these lads really do have a lot of potential, and so it’ll be interesting to chart their progress over months to come.

If you like what you hear you can like Spares on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Hell Is My Head // Blaenavon

Track of the Week

28th September 2015

Frantic drum beats and cymbal crashes interspersed with a racing guitar line make for an impactful intro to our track of the week. ‘Hell Is My Head’, by Hampshire based band Blaenavon, combines a soaring, confident vocal with deliciously poetic lyrics: “I’m dripping through my soul / time takes its toll / and I’m left cowering behind my disguise”.

As the track builds to an urgent wall of sound, it’s hard not to find yourself crying along with the repeated line: “I’ll be the only one you’ll ever find”. Although Blaenavon have been around for a few years, now signed to Transgressive Records, ‘Hell Is My Head’ sees them turn things up full throttle; it’s the first track from the band’s Miss World EP, set for release on 30th October, and if this is anything to go by Blaenavon are determined to cause more than a ripple in the sea of indie music.

Keep your eye on the band’s projects by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

Article by Beth Kirkbride




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Track of the Week: Rubicon // Brockley Forest

Track of the Week

21st September 2015

The last year or two has seen a resurgence of rock and roll; most people have credited this to artists such as Royal Blood, who have proved that there’s still plenty to be said –  or rather, plenty to get angry and shout about. Following in the footsteps of the aforementioned Brighton band, Brockley Forest are another duo, this time from Bristol, who combine Royal Blood’s fervour, Muse’s penchant for dramatics with QOTSA’s sinister sounding melodies, in the truly epic ‘Rubicon’.

With simple lyrics “too late to save me / I’m not crazy / I’m just hungry for more” spat out over snarling riffs before a chance in pace and Matt Bellamy-esque section, it’s hard to believe this is Brockley Forest’s first single. Who needs that morning espresso when you can instead turn your iPod up full blast and rock out to this great track?

The band will be touring the UK in late September/early October, so if you like what you hear be sure to catch one of their shows.

Article by Beth Kirkbride


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Track of the Week: Joey Says We Got It // The Orielles

Track of the Week

14th September 2015

Opening with a chilled out melody which is reminiscent of Beach Fossils, The Orielles’ surf pop track ‘Joey Says We Got It’ is a nice gentle way to ease yourself into a new week.

A welcome change in a genre which is often dominated by male frontmen, Esme Dee Hand-Halford’s vocal gives the track a refreshing edge. As she warbles “you don’t know your name / though it sounds insane”, it’s hard not to find yourself singing along to this meticulously catchy construction, even only after a few listens through.

In marked contrast to the band’s previous releases, this is a song with a definite sense of direction. The backdrop to the song is a tightly controlled yet ambling melody, with catchy hooks and a relaxed beat. It’s almost arrogant-sounding “in my own time” pace is indicative of the band’s growing confidence, as they are undoubtedly going to find themselves presented with bigger and better opportunities if they can only keep making music as good as this.

‘Joey Says We Got It’ is set to be released on the 17th October, via Weiner Records, as part of Cassette Store Day.

Article by Beth Kirkbride 

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Track of the Week: Original Once More // The Sheouls

Track of the Week

7th September 2015

It’s Monday again, and although it seems like the weeks are flying by faster than ever, as John Donegan-Cross and Jamie Sanderson cry “just slow down / everybody just slow down” in our new track of the week, we’re reminded of the importance of pacing ourselves. It’s easy to burn out before the weekend has arrived, and I’m sure many of you who have started back at school or college this week are already feeling exhausted. This tumultuous anthem ‘Original Once More’ by The Sheouls combines bluesy style guitar licks, frantic drum beats and is the adrenalin shot you need to keep yourself going.

With a lackadaisical vocal style reminiscent of the Shrek soundtrack (who doesn’t love a bit of Smash Mouth) as well as fellow Leeds based band, The Pigeon Detectives, it’s like taking a trip down nostalgia lane. An upbeat track like this is exactly what you need to get your week underway, and luckily for you it’s available for free download from the band’s SoundCloud page.

Be sure to give them a like on Facebook too.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: 30m Pool // St Louis

Track of the Week

1st September 2015

As summer fades into September and the days start getting shorter and colder, I’m sure many of us will turn to our iPods to stay cheery. The flowery melody ’30m Pool’ by London band, St Louis, would be a delightful addition to any mood-boosting playlist.

The track floats along on a fusion of repetitive hooks, and Stephanie Davin’s beautifully crafted sing-a-long melodies. Making use of the upper end of her vocal range, there’s something angelic about the construction which invites musical comparison to Waxahatchee, as she urges for the listen for them to “watch me jump in”. Perhaps a metaphor for doing things which scare us, perhaps just a song about fun in the summer sun, either way it’s an immersing piece of work which makes us excited to see what the band do next.

The five piece – which includes former Cajun Dance Party guitarist, Robbie Stern – are currently working on their first LP, which they are self-producing. If it’s as therapeutic as ‘30m Pool’ then it might just be what we need to cure our winter blues.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Maybe I’m Paranoid // Wilde

Track of the Week

24th August 2015

‘Maybe I’m Paranoid’ is a hypnotic, woozy release from Coventry rock ‘n’ rollers, Wilde. The track opens with a tip-toeing, almost shy sounding melody interlaced with Shay Simpkins’ brazen vocal, before the track explodes into a whirlpool of scuzzy riffs.

Although the lyrics have somewhat of a nonsensical air to them “give me food / but I can’t chew”, there’s a very distinctive message to this track. As Simpkins sings “fuck you, I’m paranoid” the song seems to emanate feelings of confusion, isolation and loneliness – perhaps the result of the protagonist’s crippling paranoia, as he cries “where are you now?”

The style of music this three piece makes is not unfamiliar to listeners. Inspired by the bands of the 60s and 70s there is certainly homage being paid – the enunciation of certain words and phrases invites comparisons to the Beatles (“I’ve got nothing going on-n-n”), whilst the emphatic ‘yeahs’ in the instrumental breakdown that concludes the track invites a more modern comparison to The Orwells.

It’s a solid construction which makes us look forward to what else the band can come up with. Follow them on SoundCloud and give them a like on Facebook to make sure you’re the first to know what they do next.

Article by Beth Kirkbride


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Track of the Week: Stepping Stone // Hankks

Track of the Week

17th August 2015

Opening with a driving drumbeat, before slick and catchy chords intertwine, ‘Stepping Stone’ by Birmingham based band, Hankks is a sure fire way to shake yourself into action if you’ve got a case of the Monday blues.

Hailing from a city which has seen an abundance of talented indie groups emerge in recent years (Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws to name but a few) it seems that Hankks are yet another reason for Birmingham to be marked on the musical map. With confident choruses, and lyrics steeped in a refreshing sense of honesty: “she says she loves me down to the bone / do I really love you, or are you just a stepping stone?” you’d be missing an opportunity if you didn’t download the track free from the band’s SoundCloud page.

It’s amazing that this is the band’s first aural offering – displaying professionalism and originality from the get go, this is a sure fire sign of exciting things to come from Hankks.

You can follow the band on SoundCloud and like them on Facebook to make sure you’re the first to know what they do next.

Article by Beth Kirkbride 

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Track of the Week: Take Me Away // KIINGS

Track of the Week

10th August 2015

What better way to start you week than with a potential new favourite band?

Recently featured on BBC Radio 1 by Huw Stephens, the winners of an unsigned competition by Q Magazine and having recently supported Rae Morris on tour, an apt adjective to describe KIINGS seems to be ‘busy’. Such a level of hard work certainly seems to be paying off for the Blackpoool five piece, and with their first UK tour scheduled for the spring of 2016, it seems the band are only going to keep writing accolade after accolade on their CV.

In ‘Take Me Away’, the melody floats by, a delightfully hypnotic construction which bears similarities to summery band, Coasts; punchy beats are interwoven with a confident and soaring lyrical to create something truly delectable – in the bands own words, “alternative rock meets dance floor grooves”. And that’s not the only treat to be found on the band’s SoundCloud page – there’s also an emotionally charged, eerily beautiful cover of Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ for you to treat your eardrums to.

You can follow KIINGS on Twitter and give them a like on Facebook to keep abreast of their projects.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Fast Food // D.I.D

Track of the Week

4th August 2015

totw-finalDog Is Dead. Remember them? They seemed primed to take the music world by a storm back in 2012 with their release All Our Favourite Stories: infectiously catchy pop hooks coupled with frontman Robert Milton’s distinctive vocal made for choruses that were perfect for shouting back to the band at festivals. They gave mumbling and enigmatic Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) a run for their money, with charismatic and raucous live shows. Then, all of a sudden, they disappeared off the radar, fading into nothing but a memory of one of the first gigs I ever attended.

But, anyone with a penchant for their ebullient pop melodies need not lament, as the band are back. Renamed D.I.D (because acronyms are apparently cooler than dead dogs), the band have released a real corker in the form of ‘Fast Food’. The Nottingham group’s sound is fuller and more mature, lyrically exploring a failed relationship. It’s safe to say that the time the band spent in silence has definitely proved to be a good thing, and we’re looking forward to September’s Fast Food EP.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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