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EP Review: What A Drag // Beach Weather


24th September 2015

At the end of August this year, upcoming band Beach Weather released their EP ‘What A Drag’. Beach Weather consists of 4 members, Lead Singer and Guitarist Nick Santino, Drummer Austin Scates, Guitarist Ian Holubiak and Reeve Powers. The band is currently now on tour with The Maine on their ‘Free For All Tour’ around the US.

‘What A Drag’ consists of 5 tracks: Wolf, New Skin, Bad Seed, Swoon and Rebel Sun. I have to say, this EP has been on repeat for the past week for me. Each song has their own unique personality to it.

This EP is perfect for every single playlist you could ever create. With upbeat tracks like ‘Bad Seed’ and ‘Rebel Sun’ to ‘New Skin’ and ‘Swoon’ which are great for whatever situation you’re in, whether you’re relaxing or going for a run, this whole EP is perfect.

Do check them out! You can get ‘Wolf’ here : or simply head over to iTunes to purchase ‘What A Drag’ .

Article by Cristal Faith Lim


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Concert Review: The Maine Live in Singapore // ‘American Candy Tour’


11th September 2015

Last week I attended The Maine’s concert in Singapore. It was the last stop of the American Candy Tour before the band heads out to their Free For All tour all around the U.S. Now, if you do not know who The Maine are, here’s some basic information:  The Maine have been around since 2007 with 5 album released as of date. The latest album ‘American Candy’ was released in late March this year. The band consists of 5 members, John O’ Callaghan (vocals, guitar) , Kennedy Brock (Guitar) , Jared Monaco (Guitar) , Pat Kirch (Drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bass Guitar) .

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Front row for The Maine. Now this was one great experience.

The band started the concert with a track off  ‘American Candy’ called ‘Miles Away’ – the crowd immediately sang along and cheered as loud as they could for the band, considering this was their second time in Singapore, the fans including myself were really excited.

After ‘Miles Away’ , they performed ‘Run’ and ‘Growing Up’. During ‘Growing Up’ , John had us all put our phones and cameras down to enjoy the music instead of focusing on getting a shot of them. Although there were some fans who were quite cheeky and still had their phones and cameras up, the band and fans pointed them out and we all had a good laugh before everyone finally had their cameras kept away and they continued with the song.

‘Inside Of You’ was up next followed by ‘Misery’ and ‘My Hair’ which were all amazing live. Watching the band rock out with their instruments, and still interacting with the fans while performing was really nice to see.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

After which, they performed ‘My Heroine’, a song off their album ‘Pioneer’. This song made many fans really excited because they did not play this song when they were here the last time, and you could hear everyone singing along to every word. They then moved on to ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’ , ‘Like We Did (Windows Down)’ and ‘English Girls’.

The band slowed things down by performing ‘Jenny’ where they dedicated the song to one of their close friends in the crowd. ‘Into Your Arms’ was up next and they left the stage leaving John alone to perform the song. This part of the concert made many fans really emotionally and tear up as, before the start of this song, John talked to the crowd about how we should wake up everyday being grateful, and that our dreams and aspirations no matter how big or small can be achievable , “This is your life, you only have one chance at living okay?” he then brought the crowd back into the song and we all sang along to the chorus of ‘Into Your Arms’ which was a magical moment.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Everyone then came back on stage to perform ‘Identity’ and the crowd became louder than before. The band did a cover of The Rolling Stone’s ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ where John jumped into the crowd and we all had a blast as everyone was jumping around and of course, because John jumped into the crowd to perform the song, everyone swarmed to where he was to get photos and videos of him. Although he had a hard time coming back out to the stage, he still made it out eventually, and performed the next song ‘Love and Drugs’, followed by ‘American Candy’.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

The band ended off the set with ‘Let’s Eat Grandma’ which is definitely a song you would need to experience live yourself, as well as ‘Right Girl’ .

Overall this concert was one hell of a ride and I’ll definitely attend it again.

Most of the fans had the opportunity to interact with them before the concert as there was a signing organized. They were all so humble and lovely and took their time which each fan, talking to them and asking how they were. It was really sweet of them.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

If you love in the U.S. be sure to check out their upcoming tour which is free – anyone and everyone can attend it. Check out their website : to find out the dates and information about the tour. I would definitely recommend you attending it if you can!

Article by Cristal Faith Lim


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Album Review: Every Open Eye // CHVRCHES


11th August 2015

Last month, CHVRCHES released ‘Leave A Trace’ which is the first single from their brand new album, Every Open Eye.

Their previous album ‘The Bones Of What You Believe In’ was a huge success together with the song ‘The Mother We Share’ which was featured on the album.

Leave A Trace’ has been on repeat for the past week for me. It has an electrifying beat with Lauren Mayberry’s (Lead Vocals) amazing voice. The harmonies in the line ‘And I’ll Admit I Got It Wrong’ sounds amazing accompanying the beat of the song. After hearing this track, I already know that the upcoming album is going to be as good as the first.

Overall, ‘Leave A Trace’ is another great single by CHVRCHES and it’s definitely one to be added into your playlists if you have not done so yet. Pre-Order ‘Every Open Eye‘ album on iTunes now and be the first to hear the songs from the upcoming album when they’re being released.

Article by Cristal Faith Lim

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Concert Review: Twenty One Pilots Live in Singapore // ‘Blurryface Tour 2015′

Editors Choice, Pop, R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock

21st July 2015

I recently attended a Twenty One Pilots concert here in Singapore and below is my review.

But first, if you do not know who Twenty One Pilots are, here’s some background information. The band was formed in 2009 consisting of 2 members, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun. Before getting signed with Fueled By Ramen, they released 2 albums called ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and ‘Regional at Best’ in 2011. They then released their signed debut album ‘Vessel’ and most recently this year, ‘BlurryFace’. You can check out our review of ‘Blurryface’ here : ‘Blurryface’ Album review

A short while ago, Twenty One Pilots had their first show in Singapore and it was mind blowing. It consists of amazing lighting in conjunction with Tyler’s strong vocals and Josh drumming with all his might. Considering the fact that Tyler recently had a throat infection which caused them to cancel their show in Taiwan, they put on an amazing performance in Singapore.


They started off the show with ‘Heavy Dirty Soul’ during which both Tyler and Josh were wearing masks. Once Tyler started rapping and Josh started drumming, the crowd went wild singing along to every word. They then moved on to ‘Stressed out’ followed by ‘Gun For Hands’ , ‘Migraine’ and ‘House Of Gold’.

Tyler came out in his trademark Kimono, Sunglasses, and his ukulele, and did a cover of ‘Bugatti’ by Ace Hood  and ‘All I Do Is Win’ by DJ Khaled before transitioning to ‘We don’t believe what’s on TV ‘, bringing us to the chorus of the song where Josh took out his trumpet accompanying Tyler with the lines ‘I don’t care what’s in your hair/ I just want to know what’s on your mind/I used to say, I want to die before I’m old / But because of you I might think twice.’  before returning back to his drums.

They moved on to ‘ The Judge’ and ‘Lane Boy’. I felt that ‘Lane Boy’ was one of the highlights of the show as, they had us all bend down before having us jump to the crazy lightings and fast beat of the music. It is a song that you would have to experience live yourself to understand. It was one of the craziest moments in the show where you could feel the ground shake.

Photo source :

Photo source :

Following after was ‘Fairly Local’ and ‘ Holding On To You’, which consists of Tyler climbing into the crowd singing the first part of the song. However, due to dangerous circumstances, Tyler went back onto the stage early as someone got hurt. But, even though all that happened, Tyler and Josh did a great job.

This brings us to the next song which made many fans in the crowd scream louder. ‘Fall Away’ is one of the songs from their very first album, ‘ Twenty One Pilots’. Many did not know the lyrics but they still brought energy and sang along to the parts where Tyler would go ‘ I don’t wanna fall, fall away / I don’t wanna fall, fall away / I’ll keep the lights on in this place / Cause I don’t wanna fall, fall away ‘ .

Tyler and Josh started on the next song which was a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘ No Woman, No Cry’ and transitioned to ‘Ride’ before continuing on with ‘ The Run And Go’, which were by the way, all amazing live. They then brought a fan up on stage to do their signature handshake, with her hands and neck painted in black ink, decked out with a red beanie and black from her neck down, she was dressed exactly how Tyler was in their ‘Tear In My Heart’ video. It was amazing to see such dedicated fans at their first ever show in Singapore.

They ended the set with ‘Tear in My Heart’ and ‘Car Radio’ before coming back on stage for an Encore, ending the concert with a bang, performing ‘Trees’. The song ‘Trees’ was absolutely spectacular live. Even though they were meant to play the drums on the crowd, Yes, on the crowd, they did not due to what happened during the song ‘Holding On To You’ earlier in the set. Instead, they placed both drums onto the piano and both Tyler and Josh got up to the piano to hit the drums.

Photo Source :

Photo Source :

Overall, the show was hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. If you’re ever lucky enough to have Twenty One Pilots heading over to your country for a show, do not miss it. If I had another chance, I would for sure do it all over again.

Check out the tour dates here : BlurryFace Tour 

Article By : Cristal Faith Lim



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A five piece post punk band you should know: Bill Mountain

Emerging Artists, News

8th July 2015

What happens when you add “Fela Kuti horns and percussion, spazzed-out Contortions-y sax, wild Ian Svenonious vocal delivery to a rolling thunder post-punk burner”? You get Bill Mountain – this is how the publication “Noisey” from describe the group, and we agree. They’re a five piece band from Houma,LA (60 miles southwest of New Orleans) whose latest track ‘Bodies’ was released around 6 months ago on Soundcloud. The song now has close to two thousand listens but deserves a lot more.

The track ‘Bodies’ features strong beats and has a very unique sound to it. One of their more popular songs is ‘Let’s Get It Started’ which consists a lot of  strong and fast drumming. ‘Unfit Parts’ and ‘Mountain’ are for sure my favorite tracks amongst their songs, while ‘Unfit Parts’ and ‘Mountain’ are the type of tracks that you could imagine playing while going on a hike or having a road trip with friends, surrounded by nature.

Their collection of tracks so far consist of tribal drums and loud screaming vocals. This may sound out of place on a road trip but somehow they make the combination work well together.

If you are around the New Orleans, Louisiana area, do check them out this Saturday, July 11th at the Saturn Bar. For more information visit their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

Article by Cristal Faith Lim


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Hunter Hayes releases ’21’ Music Video

Country, Singer/Songwriter, Videos

30th June 2015

’21’ was released as a single in May this year and has already reached close to 9 million hits on Spotify.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.51.58 PMThe video, which was published a few days ago, features Hunter rocking out on his guitar as well as dancers moving to his beat. Instead of showing their faces we only see their figures dancing, but one could easily tell they are having fun whether they are dancing on their own or with someone else. “Remember what it’s like to just dance all night / We’ll dance all night ” .


The song is one of Hunter’s latest singles, alongside ‘Where is all Begins feat.Lady Antebellum‘ which was released earlier this month, and ‘Young and In Love‘ which was released recently.

’21’ is definitely one of the few songs that I would have on repeat for hours.

’21’ is also available on iTunes. Check out the video here!

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Our Exclusive Interview with Raphael Luther

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, Folk, Singer/Songwriter

25th June 2015

Music Dash ExclusiveRecently, I had the chance to interview Singer-Songwriter Raphael Luther about his EP ‘Us and Them‘. It consists of four songs including the track ‘Us and Them‘ which is accompanied by a beautiful music video – available on Youtube.

Check out the interview below!

What or who was your main inspiration to create this EP?

When you spend somoHoVykxUe time in a big city like London, especially as a young artist, you don’t have other choices than doing something to occupy your mind as the dynamism and energy of the city doesn’t really give you any break. Some people find busy jobs, some simply watch TV, for me the only way I found to occupy myself with satisfaction is by playing the guitar and writing tunes. There’s something very rewarding in the creative process that nothing else can give you: a true sense of achievement and “letting things out”. What inspired me for this EP was the process of discovering myself as a young adult and the battles that it takes (past, love, life) and some other things that came to me while I was trying to figure it all out (spirituality, traveling, letting things go). Also, the english weather did influence the mood of this EP.

What is your favorite song off this EP?

I think “Us and Them” is the most unusual and orignial song of this EP and that’s probably why it’s my favorite. The track “Your turn” is also very special one for me, co-written with a very special person. Actually it’s hard to tell between the two.

How would you describe this EP?

This EP is completely homemade (recorded in two different bedrooms across London). So it didn’t have any professional producers involved. I’d say it’s an exploration of what I’m capable to create as I’m still crafting my sound. Concerning the production, I wanted to try something half electronic / half organic mainly because my influences are from both areas (John Mayer, James Blake, Ben Howard). Electronic mainly through the drum beats and organic with the sweetness and folkiness of the acoustic guitar. I’d describe it as a crossover between Atmospheric / Folk and electronic music.

Are there certain moments where you get really inspired to write songs?

Inspiration and creativity are such weird and unpredictable things. I think it’s a matter of being 100% connected to what you feel at the moment. Then, at some point, you’ll feel when the cup is full with an urgent need to pour things out on a piece of paper. At least that’s how it works for me. As I said before it’s totally unpredictable. And that’s what excites me about creativity, there are no boring routines.

Do you play any other instruments besides the guitar?

I actually learned how to play the piano before the guitar when I was very young, around 8. I still write and perform with a keyboard sometimes. Both instruments complement each other so well. I play a little bit of bass and drums as well, when I’m bored.

What other instruments would you like to play?

I’d love to be able to play the citar. It’s an instrument that always fascinated me but I never understood how it worked. It’s completely different from all other music tool I tried.

I understand that you are doing small gigs now. Would you rather play in small venues or larger venues? Why?

I play small venues because I don’t have any other options at the moment. Without management it’s hard to knock the door of bigger places because they wouldn’t take you seriously. That’s the reason why I’m seeking management at the moment and then hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to play bigger gigs in the future. This is one of my dream actually.

What is your favorite song11119524_510422285771489_993387991658010771_o to perform live?

I love performing “Us and Them” because it instantly places the room in a weird mood and it feels like the crowd doesn’t really understand this music but still feel it…  I love this kind of situtations! I always want to surprise the listener live, no matter what.

 Are there any new music or upcoming shows that your listeners can expect?

We just filmed two live videos with a full band in the studio. This should be released in July 2015 on Youtube. I’m planning to record a new EP for 2016 but I want to work with a producer this time. So if there’s any talented producer reading this interview, please do get in touch! Concerning the shows, I play at the Bedroom bar on the 7th July, the Lucky Pig on the 14th July and the awesome Finsbury on the 20th July opening for my good friend U.R.I. All the gigs are taking place in London.

What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in the years to come?

I want to travel and play my music as much as I can. I know it sounds cliché but after spending four years in the madness that is London, it feels like I need to open my perspectives and get some new inspirations from other places because, at the moment, I’m running out of ideas. I’m actually planning to go to South Africa in 2016 to travel and tour the country for about three months with just a guitar and a van. Concerning the professional career, I hope to collaborate with as much musicians as I can because music is all about sharing experiences and knowledge with each other in order to grow a little bit more everyday as an artist and a person. Hopefully falling in love too.

Article by Cristal Faith Lim

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EP Review: Fickle Friends // Velvet

Emerging Artists, Pop

21st June 2015

Fickle Friends are a new – wave pop band consisting of 5 members from Brighton. Three of their previous songs: ‘Swim‘, ‘For You‘ and ‘Play‘ were released as singles during 2014. Fickle Friends released the Velvet EP last month which is made up of 4 songs.

The song ‘Could Be Wrong’ is one of my favourite from the collection because it has a groovier feel compared to the rest. As this song is the first track of the EP, it showcases the style of the band and how they want to be portrayed as artists.

‘Velvet’, which is also the name of the EP, has an 80s vibe to it and so does ‘Paris’ which is slower compared to the rest of the tracks. The EP ends off with ‘Shake Her’ which is as upbeat as ‘Could Be Wrong’ – this is great because the EP starts off strong and ends just as strong.

This is an EP you have to listen to. You can find them on Soundcloud  and also, make sure you purchase Velvet on iTunes.

They are currently on tour in Europe and the UK, so do check out the dates here: Fickle Friends Tour 

Article by Cristal Faith Lim

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Album Review : Nate Ruess // Grand Romantic

Editors Choice, Pop, Singer/Songwriter

18th June 2015

American Singer, Song Writer, and Vocalist of the band FUN. Nate Ruess recently released his solo album ‘Grand Romantic’. The album consists of 12 songs including ‘Nothing Without Love’ which was ranked in the Billboard Top 100 at 77.

The album starts off with ‘Grand Romantic (intro)’ which is a soft instrumental filled with voices of what sounds like a choir. The intro then leads up to ‘ahHA’ which  was one of the first few tracks to be released on Fueled By Ramen‘s Youtube Channel . The song features strong vocal’s from Nate and the lyrics of this track show Nate’s insecurities and how he progresses into a stronger person like this line says ‘Oh lord, i feel alive / I’ve gone and saved my soul”.

The third track on the album would be ‘Nothing Without Love’ which was released earlier this year and reached iTunes Top 40. ‘ Take It Back’ has a soft start to the song , as Nate told to Rolling Stone,’It’s an interesting track because I usually hear a song in my head and then work on it after I’ve already finished it.’ The song also includes guitar solo from Jeff Tweedy, from the band WILCO.

‘You Light My Fire’ is a track that has a more upbeat tune to it, which then brings us to ‘What This World Is Coming To (ft. Beck)’. The male duet features two different vocals where Nate’s voice is more unique. However, Beck’s harmonizing in the track brings the whole song together.

‘Great Big Storm’ reminds me of ‘One Foot’ by FUN. the tunes are somehow alike. Not fully, but the start has a strong upbeat tune to it like ‘One Foot’ has. ‘Moment’ is one of the slower tracks on the album. Even though Nate has a strong voice, this song shows a different side to his voice due to the slow track. Nate explained to Rolling Stones: ‘I’ve always been slightly obsessed with country music and have always wanted to do something that sounded a little bit country, so I threw a country harmony on it.’ The higher voice on the track also represents the perspective from another person.

‘It Only Gets Much Worse’ is also a slow track on the album, however Nate’s voice is much stronger is this, accompanied by a a string arrangement from Roger Manning. Which then leads us to ‘Grand Romantic’ a slow track which ends off also with a choir like how the ‘Grand Romantic (intro) was. Nate explained to Rolling Stones that the album was suppose to end with ‘Grand Romantic’ but ended up with two more songs, ‘Harsh Lights’ and ‘Brightside’ which he feels that these two songs ‘actually wrap up the overall feeling, opposed to a general feeling.’ 

Overall, this album features Nate’s strong and unique voice. Links to purchase the album will be attached, also head on over to Spotify where you will be able to hear the full album.

Itunes :

Article By : Cristal Faith Lim

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Opinion : Hippo Campus // Bashful Creatures

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, Pop

11th June 2015

Hippo Campus, a band made out of four from Woodbury, Minnesota. The band started 2013 and has an EP released called ‘Bashful Creatures’

The EP consists of six songs:

  1. Sophie So
  2. Little Grace
  3. Souls
  4. Suicide Saturday
  5. Opportunistic
  6. Bashful Creatures

This EP might just have the perfect songs to be added into your summer playlists. All the songs have an upbeat tempo and really catchy tunes overall. Because I live in a country that is sunny all year round, every single playlist that I create has their music in it.

If you could, definitely check them out on their tour that is currently happening. You can check their tour dates out here : Also, watch their live performance on Conan here!

My favorite song on this EP would definitely have to be ‘ Suicide Saturday ‘ and coincidentally , i actually play this song the most on Saturdays. I would have this EP on repeat for hours because the songs on it are just that addictive.

Keep a look out for them and their upcoming music, they are for sure one to watch.

Article By Cristal Faith Lim

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