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Track of the Week: Scarlet Cardigan // Ded Rabit

Editors Choice, Track of the Week

27th July 2015

totw-finalEugene, Fergus, Eoin and Donal Gaine aren’t your average family; hailing from Edinburgh this band of brothers makes up the alternative/indie rock group, Ded Rabbit. Although spelling is clearly not their forte, making unapologetically catchy music definitely is.

‘Scarlet Cardigan’ is a peppy entity from start to finish, perfect for shaking you into action as the week gets underway. Melodically, the track is full of jangly guitars, inviting comparison to Leeds based band, Marsicans. Lyrically, it’s full of opposites “you always wear that scarlet cardigan / well I on the other hand am a late night hooligan”. Clearly then, this is a song about being attracted to someone who seems the polar opposite to yourself – and we’ve all been there.

With that unique singing-shouting method of vocal delivery – especially in the “wherever / wherever / wherever” of the chorus – this track is for fans of Little Man Tate (remember them?), Jamie T and The Wombats. A perfect way to shake yourself up if you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, ‘Scarlet Cardigan’ is the song for you.

You can follow Ded Rabbit on Twitter or like them on Facebook, to stay on top of their projects.

Article by Beth Kirkbride 

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Track of the Week: As Deep As Love // Daniel Pearson

Track of the Week

21st July 2015

totw-final‘As Deep As Love’ is taken from acclaimed indie troubadour Daniel Pearson’s upcoming album, Alone Together, set for release on 21st August. There’s something reminiscent of U2 in Pearson’s vocal: “like raindrops on a wire / words on your tongue / nothing cuts as deep as love”. Beautiful lyrics in abundance, this track boasts a spell-binding quality which is sure to leave you captivated until the very last line.

The art of being a male singer-songwriter is certainly a difficult one; it seems you’re always going to be compared to the greats that went before. For example, Pearson has already been hailed as “The recession generation Bob Dylan” by the Sabotage Times. But, breaking this trend we’re keen to recognise Pearson’s own merit.

His emotive narrative in ‘As Deep As Love’ is combined with the structured yet low-key melody to produce a track which makes for extremely easy listening – perfect for listening to as you commute to work or school throughout this week.

Daniel Pearson has his own website, which you can check out here.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Take It Back // Gold Jacks

Editors Choice, Track of the Week

13th July 2015

totw-finalGold Jacks, an alternative/rock four-piece from Manchester, are shrouded in a cloak of mystery; their website sets up the conspiracy that it’s no coincidence that Zayn Malik quit One Direction days after they dropped their debut single ‘One Kinda Woman’. And, with one intention and one intention only – to resuscitate the still-twitching corpse of the UK alternative scene – it’s clear Gold Jacks are on a mission. Woe betides you if you get in their way.

Whether the alternative scene is really in need of CPR is a debate for another day, but one thing is certain, Gold Jacks are infusing life into a timeless genre. They have given us a real gift in the form of their lo-fi bluesy track ‘Take It Back’, which boasts a sinister stop-start melody, credit to Liam Dunning on guitar. Stewart Burn’s vocal is powerful and unapologetic; sounding like Southampton rock outfit Band of Skulls have been fused with Jack White’s distinctive style, whilst the backing vocals are reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age.

‘Take It Back’ is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, and the breakdowns are sure to make for complete chaos during live shows. A sure fire way to start the week, anyhow, which is exactly why we’ve made it our Track of the Week.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Sebastian // Tree of Wolves

Editors Choice, Track of the Week

6th July 2015

‘Sebastian’ by Welsh quintet, Tree of Wolves is a charmingly catchy construction which is sure to get your foot tapping as you recall the music of days gone by. Self-described as a “love letter to love” itself,  this is a cleverly orchestrated ode to alt-pop, in particular giving nods to Glaswegian band Orange Juice and American rockers, Husker Du.

A contrast to some of the band’s heavier releases, this track is light and summery. Thanks to the song’s dream-like quality, it’s easy to imagine yourself on a beach in the summer sun, especially as Aled Thomas croons: “let the sun bring me back”.

The falsetto vocals and “oo-oo-oohs”, mean there’s an abundance of positivity which oozes from this release – which we think makes it the perfect way to start your week.

‘Sebastian’ is the second single taken from Tree of Wolves’ Sleepwalking EP, which you can find out more about via the band’s website here

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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many things


Track of the Week: Burn Together // Many Things

Track of the Week

29th June 2015

totw-finalLondon-based indie trio, Many Things, have hit our eardrums with the anthemic ‘Burn Together’, the eponymous track from their debut album, which is set for release this summer. The band has spent the past couple of years recording the album between the UK, Germany and Australia, and from the sounds of this track alone we can say it’s going to be a belter.

The whole construction is evocative of fellow London band, Savage Nomads, as well as Scottish post-punk band Orange Juice, owing to the fact it boasts a strong vocal and upbeat instrumental from the word go. The track builds to a euphoric crescendo, as Michael Tomlinson’s soaring vocal is delectably combined with Gabi Woo’s 80s style beats, meaning the track is sure to get your toes tapping as you make that Monday morning commute to work or school.

And, as we head closer to summer, it’s vital that feel-good releases such as this one find their way into a BBQ playlist, just in case the sun decides to actually come out this year.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track of the Week: Boys In The Street // Greg Holden

Editors Choice, Track of the Week

22nd June 2015

Last year same-sex marriage was legalised in England, and recently Ireland voted to follow suit. Whilst the world still has great lengths to go in terms of LGBT rights, progress is definitely being made. Greg Holden’s sentimental acoustic track ‘Boys In The Street’ is just one example of music being used to explore issues of sexuality and tackling homophobia. Although initially disheartening, as Holden narrates his father’s refusal to accept his sexual identity: “You’re the last thing I wanted / the last thing I need / how am I gonna answer when my friends tell me / my son was kissing boys in the street”, the track takes an unexpected turn.

When Holden’s Father’s life hangs in the balance, he finally realises what matters in life and the family achieve harmony. In particular the music video, using mannequins to act out the lyrical conflict, shines a light on the situation many LGBT individuals face. Overall, the track strives to show that despite ideological conflict across generations or religions, it is possible to love and respect people despite them being different to yourself: “There was no way of knowing / ‘cause all I was taught is men only love women / but now I’m not sure / my son, keep kissing boys in the street.”

‘Boys In The Street’ is a moving lyrical exploration of an ever-relevant matter in today’s society, which is exactly why we’ve chosen to put it in the spotlight as our Track of the Week.

Article by Beth Kirkbride
Photo by Reid Rolls

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Track of the Week: The Jacques // Artful Dodger

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, Track of the Week

15th June 2015

totw-finalThe latest tearaway single from The Jacques takes its name from the familiar Dickensian character, the ‘Artful Dodger’. And, much like Charles Dickens, The Jacques have the propensity to secure a place for themselves in the history books if they keep on producing unrelenting indie anthems such as this one.

Their sound is a blend between cockney guitar pop and Strokes-esque guitar licks, and the vocal has a drawling tone evocative of the Libertines themselves. It’s sloppy – in a sort of slapstick way – but not in a manner that isn’t deliberate. It sounds like a Tom and Jerry chase, which explains the accompanying music video.

The band is signed to Gary Powell’s (of Libertines fame) independent record label and he’s definitely a lucky beggar having signed this lot. The Jacques’ The Artful Dodger EP is set for release on Monday 22nd June – definitely not one to miss.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Track Of The Week: Won’t Look Back // Keston Cobblers Club

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, Track of the Week

8th June 2015

totw-finalFans of Mumford and Sons currently lamenting the band’s recent transformation from ‘country bumpkin’ to just another indie band, need look no further than Keston Cobblers Club for a replacement.

With the same exultant melodies, heavy instrumentation and layering of sounds, and a distinctive twang to the vocal, ‘Won’t Look Back’ is from Keston Cobbles Club’s forthcoming album, Wildfire, scheduled for release on the 15th of June. The delicate balance of male and female vocal harmony in the track invites comparison to Of Monsters and Men, owing to sibling duo Matthew and Julia Lowe, and is a pleasing aural offering.

Overall there’s a professional cohesion that emanates from music produced by this five-piece, which makes us utterly unsurprised that they’re playing Glastonbury this year. And, as if that wasn’t enough the band are also hosting their own festival, Camp Wildfire, which is a 1950’s-style camp and swing ‘Adventure Questival’ in a secret Kent forest location. With plenty of exciting projects lined up, we simply had to make Keston Cobblers Club’s ‘Won’t Look Back’ our track of the week.

Article by Beth Kirkbride
Photo by Anina Riniker

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Track of the Week: Heroine // Gengahr

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, Track of the Week

1st June 2015

totw-finalNorth London band Gengahr has been around for a while now, with their fans eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album, A Dream Outside through Transgressive Records on June 15th. To make the wait more bearable, they’ve gifted us ‘Heroine’. It’s a romantic, intoxicating melody perfect for fans of Little Comets or the reclusive D.I.D (formerly known as Dog Is Dead).

Frontman Felix Bushe’s mellow vocal has the same lingering quality as Orlando Weeks, of Maccabees fame, and yet Gengahr’s sound remains distinctly their own. There’s a feverous quality to the melody, which is modestly psychedelic in nature, but it never overwhelms the poignant lyrical “you can be my heroine / all I ask is that you wait for me”.

An emotionally fragile narrative paired with an assertive groove is a definite recipe for success, and if ‘Heroine’ is anything to go by Gengahr’s debut is going to be impressive, to say the least.

Article by Beth Kirkbride

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Southern - Lone Driver


Track of the Week: Lone Driver // Southern

Editors Choice, Emerging Artists, News, Pop, Track of the Week, Videos

24th May 2015

totw-finalSometimes it can be difficult to stay afloat amongst all the waves of great new music that are continually being released. That’s exactly why we’ve come up with this ‘Track of the Week’ feature – where every week without fail we’ll pick out a track we think you’ll love. First up is ‘Lone Driver’, by a Belfast-based band called Southern…

If you found yourself pre-ordering Peace’s Happy People earlier this year, and ever since have had a particular penchant for upbeat indie pop, then ‘Lone Driver’ by Southern is an essential addition to your iTunes library. The track is underpinned by an unrelenting yet unobtrusive melody, with frontman Thom Southern drawling in a Koisser-esque manner: “feeeeeel what’s inside of you”. There’s some pretty funky distortion going on, which combines with poignant lyrics such as “I found myself in a pocket full of pain”, making for an emotionally wrought aural construction about exclusion and separation.

With song-writing duties split between them it is clear Lucy and Thom don’t only share genes, they share genius, too. Genius that is destined to be recognised in due course; whilst Southern have already played across the UK supporting the likes of Hudson Taylor and Jake Bugg, they are bound to be headlining their own shows before they know it.

With the tracks producer, Mark Rankin (think Queens of the Stone Age and Bombay Bicycle Club), also working on their upcoming album, no doubt ‘Lone Driver’ is merely a precursor to an impressive debut. One we can’t wait to hear.

Article by Beth Kirkbride


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