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John Newman Wants You to ‘Come And Get It’

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June 13, 2015

John Newman is ready for you to love him again as he generates hype for his sophomore album with the release of his new single ‘Come And Get It’.

Newman has always been known for his old-school sounding soul-pop. There’s an upbeat jangly swing accompanied by a funky melody that adds a Pharrell-esque twist.


His debut album ‘Tribute’ was a success, reaching number 1 in both the U.K. and Scotland.

“It’s a record that again I never feel any boundaries like I’m held in a pen with my sound, it’s my own record. I wouldn’t say it sounds like anything else, but it’s inspired by the sun and disco and good grooves,” Newman said about the new album to Digital Spy.

There are several remixes of the song out now, which take it in a new direction. Personally, I think the Tobtok one is the best.

It’s time to get excited, as Newman prepares to make a triumphant return. ‘Come and Get It’ was written and co-produced by John and Greg Kurstin. It will be released on July 17th.

Article by Natalie Harmsen

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