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Album review: AURORA // All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

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March 17, 2016

Aurora Aksnes explains her album in one sentence, “My album, it’s mainly about how bad experiences can be good memories.” And despite the dark pop delving into the melancholic spectra of songwriting, there is still a feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, in the debut album of the 19-year-old Norwegian.

It starts off with the tranquil first single of the album, ‘Runaway’ where she sings “And I was running far away / would I run off the world someday? / Nobody knows.” But it steps up the strength in ‘Conqueror’ with big drums and an even bigger lyrical surroundings. And you would be deaf not to notice a pinch of Florence + The Machine reminiscing in between the beats.

AURORA plays around with the elements of the earth and the corresponding elements of light – or the lack thereof. In particular, with the song ‘Running With The Wolves’ she dances gracefully on the right side of the lines. It never engages too much with the heavy melancholy that can drain the life of a song, it keeps a subtle grip on lightness and anticipation which gently knocks on the door for the duration of the album.

‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ shows a very honest young woman, but with great perception of the world around her, and inside of her. “World is covered by our trails / scars we cover up with paint / watch them preach in sour lies / I would rather see this world through the eyes of a child.” If this were the 90s, AURORA would be the kind of artist you would pull out the booklet of the CD for, and read every lyric on the album. There’s substance to her, and the term an old soul trapped in a young body seem very fitting.

She manages to bring the listener aboard her ship, and it’s a boat you don’t want to get off of. We get to see the world through a pair of spectacles, a reality painted with the words of a fairytale; anecdotes that tell the unsweetened and sometimes unkind truths while remaining hopeful. On both ‘Murder Song 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” and ‘Warrior’ there’s a sincereness in which Aurora spills her realities. She has been playing the piano since childhood, and it shows, because it is by far the piano-driven songs that are her forte.

She might be singing she’s running away, but AURORA is running towards something quite special with her debut album. If this is what she delivers at just 19, even our universe will not limit her.

(Social Media photography by Nicecleanwhite)

Article by Flipse Flebo

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Alex Vargas // Giving Up The Ghost

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February 12, 2016

Alex Vargas has got something on his mind. With his debut EP, he delivers six heartfelt stories that justify all the buzz and the ones-to-watch articles that have been culminating for the past few years. He was part of our 2016 artist predictions. The EP opens up with the title track ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ which is a funky and rousing sound, clarifying the direction of the EP.

The Dane turned to the England in his late teenage years and has been honing and polishing his sound playing gigs. ‘Solid Ground’ has been a fan favourite for some time, exposing him to a broader audience. This is also where his earnest and heartfelt lyrics comes to show in the chorus “In the arms of another / you’re on solid ground / I’m a fool / I’m a coward / and I’m breaking down”.

With an electronic-based sound, there is always the risk of a disordered sound universe lacking empathy and warmth, but Alex has avoided it, in fact, he reaches a wholesome atmosphere with no worry or confusion. He has a broad approach to the electronic space he has created for himself, and I dare say the live shows have been a help to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. ‘Wear Your Demons Out’ is a testament to that specifically. My only dislike is the song fades out instead of finishing strong.

His vocal and his falsetto, in particular, is to die for, and on ‘Shackled up’ you’re in for a catchy chorus and a falsetto you can’t help but sing along to. His incredible live performance of the song at The Distillery can be found here. Alex Vargas first debut is solid, and for his debut album, (I’m only contemplating), I would be expecting a wide-range of experimenting directions.

Article by Flipse Flebo

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Review: Hinds // Leave Me Alone

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January 15, 2016

The sound of the resurgence of garage and indie rock has a new face. A few new faces, in fact. The Spanish rockers Hinds have been growing momentum for the past few months through the release of low-fi tracks ‘Garden’ and ‘Chili Town’, and their debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’ is a near-perfect attempt at a bundle of messy nostalgia, a beautiful further nod towards the garage rock scene.

Hinds aren’t the only ones currently nodding in this direction, of course, but ‘Leave Me Alone’ signifies that Hinds are a little more special than the charming qualities of being all female, from Spain, and their obvious The Velvet Underground influence give them. ‘Bamboo’, originally created when Hinds were known as ‘Deers’ and only consisted of singers Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote, is a hazy, acoustically inspired happy-go lucky anthem, while ‘Garden’ and ‘Castigadas en el Granero’ serve as the melodic centrepieces, rivalling with the simplistic funk of ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ for the quartet’s best track.

The simplicity of the songs is a highlight rather than a drawback – it continues throughout the album, creating a consistent hark back to their garage inspirations, with the added twist of Mac DeMarco style and much needed girl power. The riff of ‘Chili Town’ perfectly captures Hinds’ musical drawings, with their video encompassing their fun, laid back attitude, which is incidentally what saves the album from becoming too samey.

While the album does admittedly get a bit repetitive, the girls seem to know how to successfully combine their disjointed garage with endearing lyrics. Drinking out of cartons, smoking cigarettes like old Hollywood stars and dancing to an album called ‘Leave Me Alone’ may give Hinds a bit of a tough-girl character, but lyrics such as ‘I am flirting with this guy just to pretend I’m fine’ constitute as the girls’ lyrical equivalent to their similarly fractured, confused and emotionally charged melodies. There’s a mix of apathetic lovesick lyricism, ‘All I’m asking for is you to make a move’, and apathetic teenage musings, ‘you’re getting blinder taking drugs’, sung by voices that tend to crash into each other, rumbling over changing tempos and crackling percussion. All this is highlighted by an underlying sunny disposition, causing you to shift between all consuming thoughts of heartbreak to feeling carefree of such matters, lying on a beach somewhere in Spain. It’s messy, sure, but all good debuts are. Hinds are doing it right.

Article by Amy Eskenazi

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Concert Review: The Maine Live in Singapore // ‘American Candy Tour’


September 11, 2015

Last week I attended The Maine’s concert in Singapore. It was the last stop of the American Candy Tour before the band heads out to their Free For All tour all around the U.S. Now, if you do not know who The Maine are, here’s some basic information:  The Maine have been around since 2007 with 5 album released as of date. The latest album ‘American Candy’ was released in late March this year. The band consists of 5 members, John O’ Callaghan (vocals, guitar) , Kennedy Brock (Guitar) , Jared Monaco (Guitar) , Pat Kirch (Drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bass Guitar) .

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Front row for The Maine. Now this was one great experience.

The band started the concert with a track off  ‘American Candy’ called ‘Miles Away’ – the crowd immediately sang along and cheered as loud as they could for the band, considering this was their second time in Singapore, the fans including myself were really excited.

After ‘Miles Away’ , they performed ‘Run’ and ‘Growing Up’. During ‘Growing Up’ , John had us all put our phones and cameras down to enjoy the music instead of focusing on getting a shot of them. Although there were some fans who were quite cheeky and still had their phones and cameras up, the band and fans pointed them out and we all had a good laugh before everyone finally had their cameras kept away and they continued with the song.

‘Inside Of You’ was up next followed by ‘Misery’ and ‘My Hair’ which were all amazing live. Watching the band rock out with their instruments, and still interacting with the fans while performing was really nice to see.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

After which, they performed ‘My Heroine’, a song off their album ‘Pioneer’. This song made many fans really excited because they did not play this song when they were here the last time, and you could hear everyone singing along to every word. They then moved on to ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’ , ‘Like We Did (Windows Down)’ and ‘English Girls’.

The band slowed things down by performing ‘Jenny’ where they dedicated the song to one of their close friends in the crowd. ‘Into Your Arms’ was up next and they left the stage leaving John alone to perform the song. This part of the concert made many fans really emotionally and tear up as, before the start of this song, John talked to the crowd about how we should wake up everyday being grateful, and that our dreams and aspirations no matter how big or small can be achievable , “This is your life, you only have one chance at living okay?” he then brought the crowd back into the song and we all sang along to the chorus of ‘Into Your Arms’ which was a magical moment.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Everyone then came back on stage to perform ‘Identity’ and the crowd became louder than before. The band did a cover of The Rolling Stone’s ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ where John jumped into the crowd and we all had a blast as everyone was jumping around and of course, because John jumped into the crowd to perform the song, everyone swarmed to where he was to get photos and videos of him. Although he had a hard time coming back out to the stage, he still made it out eventually, and performed the next song ‘Love and Drugs’, followed by ‘American Candy’.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

The band ended off the set with ‘Let’s Eat Grandma’ which is definitely a song you would need to experience live yourself, as well as ‘Right Girl’ .

Overall this concert was one hell of a ride and I’ll definitely attend it again.

Most of the fans had the opportunity to interact with them before the concert as there was a signing organized. They were all so humble and lovely and took their time which each fan, talking to them and asking how they were. It was really sweet of them.

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

Photo Credit : Upsurge Productions

If you love in the U.S. be sure to check out their upcoming tour which is free – anyone and everyone can attend it. Check out their website : to find out the dates and information about the tour. I would definitely recommend you attending it if you can!

Article by Cristal Faith Lim


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Album Review: Carly Ray Jepsen // E-mo-tion

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September 7, 2015

This past Friday Carly Ray Jepsen released her third album “E-mo-tion”, and shes has changed her own game with this one. It’s been said that Jepsen has been having somewhat of and identity crisis lately when it comes to her music, but if this album is the result of that crisis, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is elctro-pop heaven.

Carly has really done something amazing with this album. She has broken out of her regular mould of annoying teen-pop and emerged into a new sound all together. She has brought something really dynamic and comprehensive to the table with ‘E-mo-tion’. This album has changed my perception of Carly and her ability to produce something that is energetic and progressive but without the aggravating pre-teen sensibility that came with her two previous albums.

Although the track ‘I Really Like You’ was included in the compilation, which is basically the albums version of ‘Call Me Maybe’, I still can’t help but love the song. Many people where sceptical about what ‘E-mo-tion’ would bring when she released this song back in March. But, she managed to get the ball rolling again when she released ‘Run Away With Me’ which could quite possibly be one of the best songs of the summer.

The theme of the album is quite obviously love. With songs about crushes, unrequited love, falling in and out of love everything and anything connected to the emotion that is love. The great thing about this album is that there is a song for everyone included on this album; seriously I dare you to try and say there isn’t one song you don’t at least like a little bit.

‘E-mo-tion’ is definitely a step in the right direction for Carly Ray Jepsen and I am not the only person who feels that way. She currently has a 4.5/5 rating on iTunes and has been receiving rave reviews across the board. One article even went as far as saying this album might just be better than Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’, and even as a pretty big T Swift supporter, I might have to agree. This is the kind of music Canada needs to be producing and as a fellow Canuck like Carly, I can say she has done out music industry a solid with this album and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Article By Emily D’Orazio

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Album Review: The Weeknd // Beauty Behind The Madness

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August 31, 2015


Drugs, sex, Ed Sheeran, love, Lana Del Ray and more drugs. The weeknd is back with his third and perhaps biggest studio album to date, ‘Beauty Behind the Madness.’

Its 2012. The Weeknd releases his three critically acclaimed underground mixtapes as a compilation album named ‘Trilogy’, filled with a total of 30 mesmerising, mood setting songs. Consequently, he gains a seat at the top table of modern R&B. The following year he releases ‘Kiss Land’ and, much to fans expectations, the album doesn’t even begin to compare with ‘trilogy’. Even still, as songs from ‘Trilogy’ linger around like smoke in the world of music, The Weeknd’s name grows and people are gradually beginning to realise who this guy is; this is also done by him featuring on a fuck load of songs. Slowly, his fanbase grows and contently wait for new music to come out and don’t get much in 2014, except from ‘often’ (on the album) in February. Then in December, the hit single Earned it  (on the album) is released as the leading song the soundtrack for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Shit was already real for The Weeknd, but now it was about to amplify like 100000 times cause this song was just incredible and impossible not to like (it literally has like 250 million plays on Spotify wtf and ). From 12 year old girls to 50 year old mums, everyone now knew who he was. It’s now May 2015, The Hills (on the new album) drops out of nowhere and so many people are going crazy because of how fucking good this song is. If you’ve heard the song then you know the drop is unreal and gets you shouting along every time without fail7. The song’s popularity wasn’t effected at all by the lyrical content of the song as his singles previously were – my personal favourite lyric being a shamefully relatable one in the chorus ‘when I’m fucked up that’s the real me’. THEN, if this wasn’t enough, ‘Cant feel my face’ (which is also on the new album) is released two weeks after The Hills is dropped and everybody loses their shit cause this song is everywhere. The song’s popularity relies mostly on its Michael Jackson reminiscence and a dance beat and the unlikeness of the two working in such harmony. It has racked up 135 million plays on Spotify its release date in June…


Now, I hope I’ve provided enough context for you to realise the Weeknd is pretty huge.

On to the album:

Opening with ‘Real Life’ immediately we are submersed in emotion as we traditionally are. The song involves his mother giving him advice about how his life will destroy him over time. ‘mama called me destructive, said it’d ruin me one day.’  This song is definitely far away from trilogy, but even so, is still has its own sound and set the tone through the rest of the album, the tone being that this is a whole different album, not an attempt to recreate. There has been a lot of speculation about the competition between trilogy and this record and hopefully people will realise that they won’t need to compare as they are two very different albums. The popularity of The Weeknd is a prime reason to this shift in sound. Now needing to reach a much larger audience, the album has a much more ‘pop’ feel to it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it just represents a loss of in the authenticity of the weeknd and how now he will be nothing but a product of pop music. Nevertheless, the tunes still bang.

We still get a shred of the real Weeknd in the record in which he channels the trilogy phase. Most apparent for me in the song ‘Tell your Friends’ produced by Hip Hop Heavyweight Kanye West. In the song we hear explicitly about drugs and sex, two themes which are common traits in The Weeknds music that were born in the three mixtapes of trilogy. We then have the song ‘Acquainted’ is practically the love child of ‘The Hills’ and Wicked Games; lyrically and atmospherically similar to Wicked Games and a beat and drop very similar to The Hills. This song is undoubtedly going to be very popular and, for me, is one out of the best three songs on the album.

Another reason you need to hear this album is because it has Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran featuring on tracks. These tracks both make up for two out of the three best tracks on the record. ‘Prisoners’ has a fantastic verse from Lana where she contemplates her relationship with Hollywood and is as lana del reyesque as ever. A collaboration of these two was always inevitable and the outcome wasn’t disappointing, but enlightening. Ed Sheeran then appears on the track ‘Dark Times’, about bad habits the pair would fall into when depressed. The track immediately has you drifting along with the notes Ed is employing throughout the room/into your headphones. Emotion is something the weeknd and Ed both excel in delivering lyrically and vocally, and the combination of them both is truly divine and a pleasure to listen to.

He’s gone from underground king to pop sensation. The Weeknd delivers everything you’d expect from an album produced under his new status. With a new found sound, amalgamating musical memories from trilogy with faster, ‘pop’ infused beats, the record proves it isn’t trying to replicate trilogy but instead taking away effective elements and using them to create something different, as so to avoid comparison. Essentially, once again, we get a first class seat in the head of The Weeknd, flying through dark, archaic themes such as drug use, sexual relations and fame, all of which are delivered through the unique lyrical style of The Weeknd and his unmatchable vocals, proving there really is ‘Beauty Behind The Madness.’

The Weeknd Spotify Page:

By Kane Edmonds

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Concert review: Natalie Prass in Copenhagen // From Sass to Prass

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August 19, 2015

Natalie Prass was on tour with Ryan Adams as his opening act earlier this year. Unfortunately, an airline strike from SAS prevented her from joining him in Copenhagen, but this did not stop Ryan from giving the audience the experience of her music. He came out on stage in a dress and tights, and became his own opening act and alter ego: Natalie Sass.

Five months later, Natalie and her band finally took the stage at Vega. They opened the ball with ‘Your Fool’ followed by ‘Never Over You’. As a live music fan, you worry about whether or not the artist can take their studio recordings and execute them live on stage. However, with her reputation as a live act that has been spreading like wildfire, it was never anyone’s worry. The strings and horns that heavily shaped her album was not present on stage. With two guitars, a bass and a drum set, she turned the delicate timeless songs into a groovy rock show. Next on the agenda was the old song ‘Sand Dunes’, which started to loosen up a crowd who possibly had expected a quiet evening with no dancing. The tempo was taken down a notch by the melancholic ‘Christy’.

There are no compromises with Natalie. The tenderness she emits does not exclude the muscle and control in her performance and proves you do not have to leave behind the brittleness in exchange for strength. With a fast and upbeat cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ she explained “they only rehearsed it once at soundcheck”, we were invited into their band practice with animated energy and smiles all around.

She continued her journey in mesmerizing the crowd with her single ‘Birds of Prey’ and another intimate cover of Janet Jackson’s ‘Any Time Any Place’. She mentioned the Ryan Adams in drag episode and played her own version of ‘Winding Wheel’, with great appreciation from the audience.

From the rollercoaster ride of a new song called ‘Jass’ (“it’s spelled with the z’s backwards”), which left quite a few people puzzled in terms of what genre that song fell in under, the song ‘Violently’ well, violently pulled at our heartstrings, and the theme continued on through ‘My Baby Don’t Understand Me’.

An unexpected highlight was the spoken word ‘Reprise’ that reached deep. The women beside me whispered to her significant other, “Oh my God, do you have tears in your eyes?” which speaks for itself. Whatever comes out of Natalie’s mouth, she means it, and there are no irony or excuses, which is in contrast to her laidback and chatty atmosphere in between the songs.

Natalie Prass is a mysteriously, tall, dark elf queen from something out of Lord Of The Rings, who with a smile and a riff sweeps in and pulls the rug from under your feet — which of course, you do not even realise until she points at the floor. She has got a touch of the old soulful days with a timeless honesty, and with a final encore of a powerful rendition of ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ the audience didn’t even look down once.

The opening act was the local band The Orange Grove, who most of all sounded like they would fit right in cruising down Malibu beach to Trestles in the 70s California, with a couple of early Al Merrick-surfboards tied to the roof of a van. Unashamed inspired by the likes of Grateful Dead, they won the crowd over song by song. The band in the current constellation has only been together for a little over a year, but there was undoubtedly much experience between them displayed in their performance. They released their debut album Stare Into The sun earlier this year, you can watch the video to ‘California Night’ here.

Your Fool
Never Over You
Sand Dunes
Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Bird of Prey
Any time Any Place (Janet Jackson Cover)
Winding Wheel (Ryan Adams cover)
My Baby Don’t Understand Me
Why Don’t You Believe In Me

You Keep Me Hangin’ On (The Supremes cover)

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This Might Be The Worst Song of The Summer

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August 5, 2015

Well, I think it has finally been done. The most annoying song of the summer is here. No I’m not talking about OMI’s “Cheerleader” and I’m not talking about “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo. I’m talking about LIZ’s “When I Rule The World”.

For a song that is being regarded as “one of the summers most off-the-wall anthems”, I am baffled. To start the beat of the song sounds like something that came from a club scene in the first season of Jersey Shore. I’m also not sure if she is singing or rapping, whatever is going on there, LIZ has me incredibly confused and quite annoyed with whatever it is.

The lyrics are another thing that get to me with this song. I can support the female empowerment tone that I think LIZ was trying to capture but using a ‘dog collar round your neck’ and being ‘on your knees’ to ‘go scrub the deck’ was just a little too much for me and in the grand scheme of things, maybe even too much for the radio? I get where LIZ is coming from with these lyrics but man-oh-man I just cannot get on board with them. Also they become repetitive and when they’re in that strange rapping/singing voice, it makes it so much worse.

Although the song sends me into a small furry, I do have to give LIZ credit for the “When I Ruled The World” music video. It is a pretty funny homage to the 2000’s and as someone who’s childhood took place during those years I understand everything that is going on in this video. Everything from the Care Bears to the Y2K JLO-esque headband makes me want to give her a big high-five for doing the 2000’s their justice in this video, not to mention LIZ pulls off one hell of a Hillary Duff impression in this video as well.

This song is guilty of some serious fetish undertones, a confusing vocal style, and a beat worthy of only the Jersey Shore soundtrack, like I stated before it might just be the most annoying song to be released this summer. But, it does have a pretty great music video, now in true 2000’s style I would like to drop a Video On Trial verdict on this track. LIZ I sentence you please pick a vocal style, wear that insane blue jumpsuit in public for the rest of forever and keep on living in the 2000’s girl, you keep doing you.

Article by Emily D’Orazio

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Nick Mulvey // Summer Series Gigs

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July 22, 2015

Throughout this (not so summery) British summertime, Somerset House are providing us with beautiful music as part of their Summer Series Gigs. Singer/songwriter artists from James Bay to George Ezra are performing at this prestigious London venue, lulling audiences into a care-free state of bliss.

Tuesday 14th July came around incredibly quickly as I woke up to my Nick Mulvey ticket sat gleaming on my desk. As I tried out what seamed to be every item of clothing in my wardrobe and ate all easily accessible food that stood to attention in the cupboards my excitement grew.

We ungracefully hurried to the front of the courtyard when 19:30 hit and managed to secure a place at be barrier, ready to be wowed. After a captivating performance from Aurora, Nick graced us with his incredible talent. Starting and finishing with his most popular hits, Nick also included some more personal performances. He faultlessly covered Björk’s ‘Bachelorette’ which sent to the audience into a dream of silence and swaying. Opening lyrics ‘I’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl’ are so powerful that he repeated them, our hearts throbbing as he did.

The Cambridge singer/songwriter formed a particular bond with the dedicated-despite-downpour audience by telling us the story of hit ‘Cucucuru’ which was written from a poem he was once given on the back of an envelope. This set the scene for what was my favourite performance that I have witnessed in the flesh.

Mulvey’s rare, exquisite talent mesmerised the filled venue seconds from Waterloo Bridge and left us feeling at peace as we waltzed to the station pasts London’s lights, awaiting the comfort of our beds.

Article By Sophie Hope

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Concert Review: Twenty One Pilots Live in Singapore // ‘Blurryface Tour 2015’

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July 21, 2015

I recently attended a Twenty One Pilots concert here in Singapore and below is my review.

But first, if you do not know who Twenty One Pilots are, here’s some background information. The band was formed in 2009 consisting of 2 members, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun. Before getting signed with Fueled By Ramen, they released 2 albums called ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and ‘Regional at Best’ in 2011. They then released their signed debut album ‘Vessel’ and most recently this year, ‘BlurryFace’. You can check out our review of ‘Blurryface’ here : ‘Blurryface’ Album review

A short while ago, Twenty One Pilots had their first show in Singapore and it was mind blowing. It consists of amazing lighting in conjunction with Tyler’s strong vocals and Josh drumming with all his might. Considering the fact that Tyler recently had a throat infection which caused them to cancel their show in Taiwan, they put on an amazing performance in Singapore.


They started off the show with ‘Heavy Dirty Soul’ during which both Tyler and Josh were wearing masks. Once Tyler started rapping and Josh started drumming, the crowd went wild singing along to every word. They then moved on to ‘Stressed out’ followed by ‘Gun For Hands’ , ‘Migraine’ and ‘House Of Gold’.

Tyler came out in his trademark Kimono, Sunglasses, and his ukulele, and did a cover of ‘Bugatti’ by Ace Hood  and ‘All I Do Is Win’ by DJ Khaled before transitioning to ‘We don’t believe what’s on TV ‘, bringing us to the chorus of the song where Josh took out his trumpet accompanying Tyler with the lines ‘I don’t care what’s in your hair/ I just want to know what’s on your mind/I used to say, I want to die before I’m old / But because of you I might think twice.’  before returning back to his drums.

They moved on to ‘ The Judge’ and ‘Lane Boy’. I felt that ‘Lane Boy’ was one of the highlights of the show as, they had us all bend down before having us jump to the crazy lightings and fast beat of the music. It is a song that you would have to experience live yourself to understand. It was one of the craziest moments in the show where you could feel the ground shake.

Photo source :

Photo source :

Following after was ‘Fairly Local’ and ‘ Holding On To You’, which consists of Tyler climbing into the crowd singing the first part of the song. However, due to dangerous circumstances, Tyler went back onto the stage early as someone got hurt. But, even though all that happened, Tyler and Josh did a great job.

This brings us to the next song which made many fans in the crowd scream louder. ‘Fall Away’ is one of the songs from their very first album, ‘ Twenty One Pilots’. Many did not know the lyrics but they still brought energy and sang along to the parts where Tyler would go ‘ I don’t wanna fall, fall away / I don’t wanna fall, fall away / I’ll keep the lights on in this place / Cause I don’t wanna fall, fall away ‘ .

Tyler and Josh started on the next song which was a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘ No Woman, No Cry’ and transitioned to ‘Ride’ before continuing on with ‘ The Run And Go’, which were by the way, all amazing live. They then brought a fan up on stage to do their signature handshake, with her hands and neck painted in black ink, decked out with a red beanie and black from her neck down, she was dressed exactly how Tyler was in their ‘Tear In My Heart’ video. It was amazing to see such dedicated fans at their first ever show in Singapore.

They ended the set with ‘Tear in My Heart’ and ‘Car Radio’ before coming back on stage for an Encore, ending the concert with a bang, performing ‘Trees’. The song ‘Trees’ was absolutely spectacular live. Even though they were meant to play the drums on the crowd, Yes, on the crowd, they did not due to what happened during the song ‘Holding On To You’ earlier in the set. Instead, they placed both drums onto the piano and both Tyler and Josh got up to the piano to hit the drums.

Photo Source :

Photo Source :

Overall, the show was hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. If you’re ever lucky enough to have Twenty One Pilots heading over to your country for a show, do not miss it. If I had another chance, I would for sure do it all over again.

Check out the tour dates here : BlurryFace Tour 

Article By : Cristal Faith Lim



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