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A band you need to know about: Sjowgren

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October 14, 2015

I was convinced this band was from somewhere in Scandinavia, possibly Norway. It exudes a northern production. Alongside the band name and the atmosphere of ‘Seventeen’, the trio completely lead me on. Don, Sam, and Maija — two parts male one part female — is from the Bay area of California. Another listen after that discovery and it all sort of make sense. The indie vibe is strong with this one. With strident guitars and a rough baseline and an almost Lana Del Rey piano-vibe, she sings “if you want a second to breathe I’ll give you all of my love / I’ll give you all that you need / don’t worry I’m not in a hurry / not going nowhere.”

Earlier this year three demos was released. ‘Mend’, ‘Love Has Gone’, and last but not least ‘Drifty’ which has been part of my daily commute for a while. The quiet and idling guitar grates away while the vocal takes all focus. I am a blatant fan of the way Maija carries the lyrics “when you leave someone their love lingers on / like a fresh wound with no one to love.” It is delicate, it is familiar and also different all at the same time.

They told me they were “We’re kinda moving things along slowly” and with only four songs released at the moment, I am like a kid before Christmas when I think of a possible EP – preferably sooner rather than later when there is so much potential. Sjowgren is the kind of band you can brag about already knowing in a few years time. There is clear talent and room for growth. They could take this band so many directions, and that is what makes them so interesting.

Music available on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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